Friday, January 8, 2010

Top 10 #9: Top 10 High Concepts Improvised In Less Than One Minute

Yeah: as I figured it might, turkey did not permit me to publish very much this week. (Also I've been visiting folks up in the country, not that that's any excuse – they do have the internets up there, too . . .)

But anyhow, with that introductory ado adone – here's the latest of my Top 10 Top 10 Lists That Don't Really Deserve To Be Top 10 Lists!

The Top 10 High Concepts Improvised In Less Than One Minute!

10. Soup On A Plane

9. The Zombies Eat Jim Carrey

8. Cop Who Plays By The Rules

7. These Dinosaurs Are Driving Me Crazy!

6. Limousine To Hell

5. Six Guns, One Bullet

4. Party In Hitler's Brain!

3. No More Puppies!

2. The Killer Is Calling From Inside Your Hat

1. Lasers On Ice

One day, I will write a movie script that will get made.

I'm pretty sure a few of the ones on this list have already been done, though. And #5 actually sounds pretty cool, don't you think? (Ah, who am I kidding, they all sound awesome wicked cool . . .)

Now, I look forward to seeing at least one person claim in the comments that I don't really understand what "high concept" means. Don't let me down, people :)

More Top 10 Top 10, coming soon!

Love, Thoapsl


  1. nice comment-ploy :)
    so no luck on the script?

  2. Script is still going - almost finished the latest draft, and the project is still not dead yet! Allegedly. Though, whether it actually goes forward remains to be seen ... and it's been remaining to be seen for a little while already, so who knows.
    *cautious optimism, hopeful cynicism*

    Either way it's been good fun to work on, though :)

  3. I like the premise of No.6. Sounds promising.

  4. Surely 'Cop Who Plays By the Rules' hasn't been done before.

    Perhaps 'Party in Hitler's Brain' could be the origin story for 'No More Puppies'.

    And are you trying to say that marriage is a high concept that was improvised in less than one minute? Hmmm..

    Or maybe just that Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway would do well in 'Down Under: A Lesbian's Struggle for a Fair Shake'.

  5. Bender - if you write "Party In Hitler's Brain", I will totally write "No More Puppies!" as the sequel!

    Also, anything involving Anne Hathaway and graphic lesbianism would be ... um ... I'm sorry, what? - I'm kind of distracted, now ... uh, what was the question?

  6. Ha! You've really thrown down the gauntlet.

    (Ok, so this was the main reason I was asking about the links.)

    I'm not one to pass up a challenge, especially one as deranged as this.

    'Party in Hitler's Brain' it is then. When people ask me what I'm working on, I'll just refer them to this post.

  7. Argh! A file by that name does exist! I just copied it! Wiki losers.

  8. Alright, so I stuffed it up. Here it is.

  9. *!* That Gauntlet poster is AWESOME, very much. I wish movie posters of today were still illustrated, especially like that ...

    And I very, very much look forward to the Party In Hitler's Brain!
    Will it include a pun on the word "anschluss"? I sure hope so ;)