Saturday, January 24, 2009

Excuses, Perfectly Valid Excuses

Oh Anonymous, you are totally right & I am indeed regretful...

Yes, I have been on hiatus for the past month or so. At first for Xmas, and at second because I've spent the past four weeks juggling three jobs (well, more like two and a half, but heck). As these are all jobs with imminent-ish deadlines, sometime in late December I decided that I had to hiatus myself (hiatize?) from Mistakes Being Made until they were definitely sorted. Possibly I should have mentioned this, here? I did think about putting up a "Going On Brief Hiatus" post, but google images couldn't find me any picture that looked like a hiatus.
Maybe Charles Dana Gibson can help us out, though?

Okay, so I'm the dude with the white bow tie, obvs, and maybe, like, the elbows-on-table lady represents one of my jobs, which I'm trying to – uh – fulfil, and, let's say that the what-an-elegant-neck-ribbon-I-have-whoops-my-cleavage lady represents my other job? Which I am also trying to fulfil, er, simultaneously. Hijinx ensue. And that's cool, or it would be, but I'm really leaning up at the bar here in the first place because I'm trying to get a drink (which represents the novel I'm trying to finish, or something?), and then my cocktail is taking forever to mix, and the metaphorical ladies are all distractionlike to me, and oh man I don't even have a face anymore, they call me Blurface.

But I don't know, I think that picture writes some analogies that my metaphors shouldn't be trying to cash. Also, comparing a lady to a job is a bad, inappropriate, wrong thing to do. In many, many ways. Hence: no post about going on hiatus.

Don't worry, Anonymous. The point is rapidly mooting itself, because these pesky employments & misc. other commitments of mine are rapidly approaching endgame. Finally! And in fact, probably within the next fortnight. By mid-Feb at the latest, I should be gainfully unemployed and have reached "The End" of my novel, which means I should be posting stuff on this site at a far more respectable rate. This work is not abandoned.

Besides, it would have been a heck of a downer to finish up here with that last post. I'm sad about Dorothy Porter, but that's no reason to abandon the interweb.

-- Love, Thoapsl