Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dead Poet, No Punchline

Dorothy Porter died very recently and I've been thinking about her all week. Once upon a time I read her Wild Surmise and it hit me in a way that felt very real. As if it was something personal. That book in particular, it really got to me; it still does. Afterwards, I carried around a little fantasy of meeting her in person one day, of letting her know how much her work had meant to me. We lived in the same city, it turns out – the same suburb, even. It was bound to happen eventually.

Now, this all seems overwhelmingly stupid and pointless and self-absorbed of me.

The words aren't right, but for sheer feeling I'm thinking of the music around the last line from that Neil Young song: "what a killer..."


Monday, December 15, 2008

To save us time, Rage / Roundup @ mid-December / Totally Haiku

(I'm working THREE jobs
for the next month or so. Whoops.
But next year, just wait...)

"Freakish dance" motif:
genuine weird, or just pop?
Great song anyhow

Arrangement dull, tune
dull, and video is dumb.
She's wearing no pants!

There's a mood and feel
and a sound, too: all sort of

Simple but smart clip
surprises, gives slow burn song
time to grow on you

This is better than
you think it is. Sarcasm
is in its right place

Synthesizers are
here to stay. English strange-pop.
Thanks, 80s Bowie

Classic hiphop sound,
excellent rapping. Clever!
Also, great band name

From sounds-like-Outkast
who's this? Intriguing...

& in case I was
unclear above, yes I do
like The Fear. --Thoapsl

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I am too busy to discuss music videos. In lieu:

So I was all like "yeah sure, I know it'll be tough" and hey: nobody ever said it would be easy to make a living, playing the harp. But this was the worst gig ever. First I sold all my clothes for a curtain, and it doesn't even cover my boob. Then I tripped over and lost my shoes. And my harp is so slippery I keep on dropping it and busting strings, and it's not even a full-size harp. Also the lighting technician sucks.
No wonder that stuck-up Joanna Newsom bitch never writes me back

i take it back i take it back! i love you j-n, you are awesome!
or should i say, you ys awesome, lol

--(Thoapsl disavows actually writing any of this)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sometimes you don't notice something for six months

and then you see it on a wall somewhere

and it makes you grin.

On a mostly unrelated note: here's something I read today. It's either irrelevant or in bad taste to mention it in the same post as the pic above, but who cares?
(Non sequiturs are still awesome, right?)

--"Topical Is Not Under Your Skin" Thoapsl