Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I am too busy to discuss music videos. In lieu:

So I was all like "yeah sure, I know it'll be tough" and hey: nobody ever said it would be easy to make a living, playing the harp. But this was the worst gig ever. First I sold all my clothes for a curtain, and it doesn't even cover my boob. Then I tripped over and lost my shoes. And my harp is so slippery I keep on dropping it and busting strings, and it's not even a full-size harp. Also the lighting technician sucks.
No wonder that stuck-up Joanna Newsom bitch never writes me back

i take it back i take it back! i love you j-n, you are awesome!
or should i say, you ys awesome, lol

--(Thoapsl disavows actually writing any of this)

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