Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Top 10 #7: Top 10 Ambiguous Sporting Team Nicknames

This one is clearly the most dull of my Top 10 Top 10 Lists That Don't Really Deserve To Be Top 10 Lists. However, it does have nice pictures, and also I spent at least a minute writing the hidden mouse-over text. Enjoy!

The Top 10 Ambiguous Sporting Team Nicknames!

(And all from completely genuine top-rank sporting teams, btw . . .)

9. A's

8. Reds

Mostly taken from USA sporting teams, of course: American sports, you will agree, are clearly more . . . ambiguous.

Enjoy yr afternoon


  1. The Cardinals! Ha! And what's with pouring Ribena into a wine glass? Is Wolf Blass trying to get kids to start early? Also like the partying comrades. Good list.

  2. Cheers, Bender! Yes, Ribena is totally a gateway drink. (Also, Fanta leads to fascism - True! True-ish!)

    Weirdly enough, there are both Major League Baseball AND American Pro Football teams called Cardinals ... I guess those little red birds must be really sporty, or something ...

  3. ps: Bender is that you, Bender J.? Lovely to have you here, if so :)

  4. 'Tis indeed. And I've been straining my brain trying to figure out how you added links like 'little red birds'. I can't seem to do it - I only know how to do this through HTML.

  5. Aha! Links are no problem - you can type raw html tags straight into the "post a comment" field on the webpage. In front of the link word(s) in your comment, you type <a href="http://the.address.etc"> and at the end of the link word(s) you type </a>. Anything that's inside a pair of angle brackets gets turned into real html - you can also do stuff like <i> </i> for italics, <b> </b> for bold, etc.

    Very handy stuff, the internets. But now you have to figure out how I got angle brackets to display in this comment, when angle brackets always get turned into invisible html! Impossible?! *MwahahaHA!!*

    Also, when are you going to do more Emo Legs? Bring it back! :)

  6. Agh! Your angle brackets is using devil magic!

    Emo Legs is dead - I have something new starting up soon. Will inform of progress when progressing.