Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday Tact Tract

Human relationships can be difficult. Here, Marvex The Super Robot has trouble responding to a compliment.

What might be a more appropriate, tactful response?
A. Thank you, Clara. You are the most wonderful man I know.
B. I reject your statement. You are incorrect.
C. *wistful smile*
D. I like your hair. I like your hair.
E. [other]
(Discuss with colleagues.)

• • • • •

Appropriate behaviour is, in fact, quite simple. When responding to compliments, you should always stare deep into the closest eyes and think of the Three Eees:


And always remember: Tact, Tact, Tact. It's just that simple.

--the Tactful Thoapsl
(is having an odd day today)

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