Thursday, September 10, 2009

Something That Grabs Your Attention

An interesting, unusual statement. An elaboration, less unusual but possibly amusing. A longer sentence, a clarification; and a hook to keep you reading.

A clearer statement of what I'm actually talking about. A piece of information relating to this. However, a modification of this information; a complication. A subtle contradiction.

A less formal sentence, framing a more personal context. Consequences of a possibility. A modest disavowal of judgment. A more contentious statement or dubious piece of information, presented as an uncertain possibility.

Gesture towards a summary. A more definitive statement. Hint of personal opinion. Something intended to inspire you to leave a comment.

Pithy conclusion.


  1. about sharing something. something that makes you smile, think, think about something else. its the more personal posts that seem to get more comments. people like to be trusted, to be shown a prized piece of information, to be a part of something bigger.

    ps. nice labels :)

  2. Agreement, enthusiasm!
    It's personal stuff and informality that seem to be key to making people interact & get involved, I think. I'll have to try to do more of that in the future. (I certainly don't want to do any more meta-blogging for a while . . . )

    Glad you thought the labels were nice ;)

  3. Witty retort comment that manages to say very little of actual substance.

    Statement in all caps, expressing disproportionate anger at yet another rickrolling.

    Concluding short and unexplained non-sequitur.

  4. Never be angry at a rickroll, Duncan! When you're tired of being rickrolled, the terrorists have already won.

    ("terrorists" = "rick astley")