Monday, September 14, 2009

Mondays Can Be Disturbing

But not today! Check it out: have you ever seen an image more charming, more sweet, more heartwarming?

Aww yeah!
It's the wand that really makes it, I think.

I found it here, but it's originally from here – an odd site called TeeFury. Yeah, tons of sites sell novelty tee-shirts, but this TeeFury place is unique in that it puts each shirt on sale for one day only! By the time I discovered the Unicornasaurus, I was already too late . . .  :(

Heck of a hook to grab regular traffic & impulsive sales, huh?


  1. and the wind in her hair. it wouldnt be the same without the wind :)

  2. The hair is especially impressive considering how hard it would be to apply conditioner, with those little arms ... that's probably why they evolved magic wands, I guess.