Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Is Out Of Context

Monkey Pope Says:

Seriously guys, I know, this whole Michael Jackson reminder of tragedy and despair is hard on us all. Yes, it really is.

(for context: this is an illustration by Dorothy Lathrop for a 1942 publication of Walter de la Mere's short story "Mr. Bumps And His Monkey" – you can find the story here, and I found the image here... but it sure looks like Monkey Pope to me.
One hell of a sitcom premise, there...)

This Friday Is Out Of Context Thoapsl Says: A cardinal is not a primate.

On a more personal PS, I'm extremely busy with work this past & coming week, so apologies for the less-blogging-than-usual. Usual conditions will be reasserted in a week or two, I hope. And then – news! New things! And on my other blog I'll be publishing some scripts I've written, too!

PPS: did you know that Catholicism's concept of Papal Infallibility was only invented in 1870? You'd never guess the idea was that recent without looking it up, would you?

PPPS: I really hope that someone appreciates the multiple levels of awesomeness involved in that "cardinal/primate" pun up there. Seriously, that's at least three puns in one sentence. My day has not been wasted.

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