Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Is Out Of Context

Let's say you saw this on the cover of a magazine.

When you think of alimony, do you think of circus laundry? Personally, when I think "weapon of female revenge" I think of something a little more literal, but I suppose that's maybe a generational thing? You tell me, magazine readers of the past – what the hell is up with you people?

For increased context, here's the complete picture: cover of Coronet magazine, May 1952. (Found via.) Note that this issue apparently sold well enough to justify at least one printing of two and a half million copies. Note also that the complete picture still fails utterly to link the elephant-watches-man-hang-circus-laundry image with its "Alimony: Weapon of Female Revenge" headline, in absolutely any way. Was there a last-minute editorial change? Were they trying to appeal to that lucrative men-who-fear-women-but-love-the-circus market? Am I missing an important visual metaphor, or something? Help me out, seriously.

This Friday Is Out Of Context Thoapsl Says: An ex-wife is not an elephant in the room.


  1. The elephant is female, the man was married to the elephant; newly divorced bitter elephant demands repatriation for services rendered during marriage and the idea of repaying this is loopy as a circus.


    When you mentioned the literal weapon of female revenge I thought you meant something a little more like this.

    However female combatants with guns is also cool.

  2. Excellent interpretation; the magazine cover seems so obvious and sensible, now ...

    And yeah, I loved Teeth! I'm curious to see the next film by the guy who wrote & directed it (and yeah, it was written & directed by a *male* guy ... is that surprising, or obvious? I really can't tell)