Thursday, May 14, 2009


It was the seaside. At first...
I thought of the number 10. Then I forgot about her.
Nine. The AM. She greeted me. Something sour in the smile. Something familiar, but I couldn't place it.
I failed the interview.
Eight, and getting later. I was trying to relax, but the lighting in the bar was too bright. Everything was shiny. Everything glinted. Way too bright.
I might have been staring. I decided to buy myself another drink.
Seven. The AM, they tell me. The pink is supposed to calm me down. Her smile is supposed to calm me down. It's not working.
I like her dress. Is that allowed? Tell me if that's allowed.
Six, now. I'm walking towards the group of them when I see her head turn. It's weird, though, it's almost like it rotates. The pattern on her jacket was sewn by a robot. Maybe her hat, too.
Have you been looking at the sky? It's a lovely day, it really is.
Five. It's almost five, now. They've been making me wait, you see, they've kept me waiting until it's too late. They're not even pretending to give me another chance. I'm going to need to make another appointment. I want an appointment.
Her lips look like wax. Suddenly, I remember where I know her from –
Four. She's been dyeing her hair every four days. Is she trying to throw me off the scent? Or is it the other way around?
Everything is turning red. It's a signal. It's definitely a signal. I can see her teeth. 
Three. Everything happens in threes. They think I don't notice, but I do. I'm counting everything and I don't forget.
Still red, I notice. Everything I drink. Everything in my mouth. Could she be frightened, now? I'm looking in her eyes, but all I see is 
Two. The two of us now, that's all there is.
She knows. Oh shit, she knows everything
One? Not one? Not one print, not one shred of fibre, not one scrap of evidence. Not a clue. Of course not.
I have nothing left to give her. Nothing left
Zero. I knew it. The ziggurat, she said. This was the end. Was it Mexico, still? We might have made Guatemala during the night. No way to tell.
At the edge of the jungle I took a blade to the gut. She tipped her hat and smiled like the sun coming out.

It's the new range from American Optical. 1959 is looking good.

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