Thursday, April 9, 2009

Excelleunt! Crazeunt! (sic)

So I was looking up the exact technical definition of "Exeunt" (I'm unemployed right now). You know? It's what you see written in the script of a play when it's time for some actors to get off the stage already.

So, it turns out that the prime wikipedia link (& a top google too) isn't a definition of the word. It's a link to SPL: the Shakespeare Programming Language. A programming language that is constructed so that its program code reads like a Shakespearean play. Follow the links to see for yourself, it's really something...

It turns out there's in fact a whole bunch of "esoteric" programming languages like this, each specifically designed to require program code that looks like a joke. Chef programs read like recipes; brainfuck is nothing but punctuation. Huh.

No comment, I just wanted to draw your attention to this.

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