Sunday, August 10, 2008


No, not really a collapse. Not precisely. But hey, you remember how I mentioned in my last post that things were probably about to get "somewhat hectic" for me, "for the next week or so"? Yeah, so I was totally right about all that.

And what's more... right now, there's less than a fortnight until I go overseas for a month. So it looks like it'll be staying quietish around here for at least six weeks. But, hey hey! Look out October! When I'm back, things will be more frequent & regular than ever, I promise. And in the meantime there should be at least one or two more posts before I leave. And maybe I'll even be able to post direct from my overseas holiday, who knows? You will, eventually.

PS: That's one cool picture up there, huh? Although maybe more of a swoon than a collapse, now I'm looking twice. It's apparently by Austin Briggs and I found it here, at  Today's Inspiration – it's a blog all about 1940s-60s illustrations. I came across it just the other day, and it's got some really superb stuff. The perfect background for Mad Men?

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