Saturday, March 1, 2008


It's been a busy couple of weeks in the house of Thoapsl. Portents and general rumblings indicate further busyness for the next couple of weeks, too. Nonetheless, here I remain: up on yr internets, typing typing typing. Typing with less haste and more pain than usual, in fact. Last night saw Thoapsl involved in a drunken shopping trolley incident, as a result of which I am bleeding in five (5) different places, three (3) of which are on my right hand. (Okay, not bleeding so much as "severely grazed", but there's fresh blood where there should be skin, so it still hurts). Anyhow, despite this I aim to be posting another Rage Roundup later on today, so good for me.

Also: see how I left it syntactically unclear whether it was I or the shopping trolley, or both, who were the "drunken" figures in the aforementioned "incident"? That's the sort of ambiguity which cultivates my air of charismatic mystery.

On a less seguerific note, there's an interesting article by Chris Middendorp in today's Age. It begins as a report on homeless people and their gambling habits, but then it flows on into an intriguing discussion of the concept of "luck" and its place in people's understanding of the universe. I thought it was rather nifty (& rare) to see a newspaper article that broadens its focus like that, an article that's not explicitly a "comment" piece but which is still willing to play with some more profound and abstract ideas than usual. It's not especially deep, but it's still kind of neat.

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